Beverage Tanks

Beverage Tanks

Beverage Tanks

Beverage Tanks offered feature quality stainless steel construction finish as well as optimum insulation support which make these provide for superior performance support in beverage processing and handling. Here, our expertise lies in offering these tanks in options from  as specifically demanded by our customers. Some of its features include standard tank design, superior man-ways, CIP and blow off tube support, tank interiors comprising sterile polished finish, storage tanks can also be custom-built, corrosion resistant finish, suitability for use in chemical, pharmaceutical and food process industries.

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Beverage Tanks

Beverage Tanks

SS 034 insulated special finish beverage storage tanks. Beverage Tanks from 

1. Our standard tank design features custom-built true shadowless manways and separate CIP and blow off tubes.

2. Our 3mm sidewall and 2mm cladding is available in a number of different finishes.

3. Our tank interiors are a 2B finish and sterile polished to 440 grit.

4. Our engineers can custom design tanks and vessels to meet the individual requirements of our customers.

5. A full one-year parts and labor tank warranty, plus a 60 day after delivery buy-back guarantee: the only one in the industry.
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